Thursday, November 14, 2013

Those Places Thursday: Toms Creek, Wise County, Virginia

The below photo is a shot of my great-great aunt Dolly Reed Harris, taken in the early 1920's. She was a sister to my great-grandmother, Bonnie Reed Penn.

Dolly Reed, Toms Creek Virginia, circa 1925

The photo was taken at Toms Creek in Wise County, Virginia. Toms Creek was and still is a coal town. Most of the male members of my family were employed in the coal mines here, whether they were coke pullers or in the mines themselves.

Wise County is currently experiencing a bit of excitement! Adriana Trigiani's book Big Stone Gap is being made into a movie and Hollywood has descended upon the small town from which the book got its name. Big Stone Gap is about 20 miles southwest of Toms Creek. Check out the movie Facebook page!

I have been laughing a bit at some of the comments on the page. Many of the native Wise Countians are very concerned that the actors in the movie get the accent right. They don't want Hollywood coming in and doing the "Georgia/Alabama" drawl, because that is not how Southwest Virginians talk! It will be interesting to see if the actors take that to heart!

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